About Aussie Cleaning

Aussie Cleaning is a Professional Cleaning Services Provider in Sydney. We provide high-end commercial cleaning services that bring superior commercial cleaning services to local businesses, multilocation facilities, and national accounts. To learn about Aussie Cleaning and the services we provide, read below.

Cleaners performing Office Cleaning

The Services Aussie Cleaning provide:

We provide services customized to suit your specific needs and budget. You can choose a variety of affordable packages, or we can build an individual plan as per your needs and premises. Aussie Cleaning is dedicated to consider our client’s budget and requirements, always flexible to introduce a solution that leads to the best outcome.

Cleaning Products we use

We believe that the products we use DO MATTER. The commercial disinfectant system that we use kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on any surfaces. This safe, non-toxic system wraps treated surfaces in a zero-odour, zero-residue germ-fighting shield, wiping out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. This system is safe for your workers, customers, and the environment, and is non-irritating to those with allergies and breathing difficulties. Environmentally friendly cleaning products used by Aussie Cleaning are designed to preserve health and environmental quality. It is becoming increasingly important to people who care about their family and workspace.

Aussie Cleaning are Commercial Cleaners your business can trust

It is important to have reliable commercial cleaning services, especially when you are leaving the responsibility of your office on their hands. We’ve been in business for a long time and are known for our honesty, reliability and integrity. We are licensed and we are offering a quality satisfaction guarantee. All this make you feel safe if you choose Aussie Cleaning as your commercial cleaning service provider.

We have invested heavily in 3 things:

  • our people,
  • our process,
  • our promise to deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning service to our clients.

Here at Aussie Cleaning, we do not just promise quality, we prove it.

  • We let you monitor the quality of our cleaning service.
  • We can provide photos and GPS data for additional verification and quality assurance.
  • You can easily submit a cleaning request and any issues.
  • Regular site inspections. Every facility receives a standard inspection from one of our Quality Assurance Managers. A quality assurance report is created for areas requiring improvements. Deficiencies are rectified immediately.